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Reprinted from PN October 2012

Weightlifting exercise video is designed for people with disabilities.

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A former U.S. Navy corpsman who was attached to the Marines has produced a fitness video for people in wheelchairs and others with disabilities.

A T11 paraplegic, Mitch Alan created and produced this weightlifting exercise video for people with disabilities called Challenging The Challenged.

It’s a low-impact and cost-efficient program Alan developed and uses to strengthen and tone
his upper body. The program uses light weights (5–8-lb dumbbells), exercise stations at the park, and the swimming pool.

Beside providing a better level of overall health, Alan says his video has helped health and sports enthusiasts of all ages improve their performances in golf, swimming, tennis, etc.

Alan says it’s made his life more independent and richer. He believes it will  enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.

“You’ll feel better, look better, be healthier and more self-confident,” Alan says.

Challenging The Challenged is available for $2.95 at Alan is also on Facebook at

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