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Reprinted from PN October 2012

PVA trapshoot in the Pacific Northwest features pistols as well as shotguns.

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The Cal-Diego PVA team takes first place at the Northwest PVA trapshoot in Sumner, Wash., in August.

The 16th annual Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) National Trapshoot Circuit paid a visit to the beautiful and cool Pacific Northwest in August.

The Northwest PVA event in Sumner, Wash., was the circuit’s 13th stop this year. The Sumner Sportsmen’s Association range along the Puyallup River levee provided the backdrop for the targets.

The shooting started with a center-fire pistol competition at the Seattle Police Athletic Association. Nine individuals were on hand for the pistol event, which consisted of ten practice rounds, ten rounds slow fire at the 15-yard line and then two strings of five rounds each in 30 seconds also at the 15-yard line.

This was repeated at the 25-yard line, except for the practice rounds. Arron Hastings from the Northwest Chapter came out on top with a score of 370/400; he shot one-handed with a .45 auto.

The Cal-Diego PVA team took first place in trap with 1257/1500. Northwest Chapter came in second with a score of 1148, followed by the Oregon team with 1096.

Cal Diego’s Doug Vann captured High Overall with 271/300.

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