A Grown Miracle

Reprinted from PN October 2012

Memoir by man with spinal muscular atrophy describes living with a disability in the United States.

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No one thought Ben Mattlin would make it past childhood, but that didn’t stop him from living a normal and independent life.

Mattlin was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a congenital weakness from which he was expected to die in childhood. Not only did Mattlin live through childhood, he became one of the first students in a wheelchair to attend Harvard University and graduated with honors.

His life also happened to parallel the growth of the disability rights movement. So, in many ways, Mattlin didn’t feel he was disadvantaged at all, merely different.

Miracle Boy Grows Up is a witty, unsentimental memoir you won’t forget. It’s written with engrossing intelligence and a unique perspective on living with a disability in the United States.

Miracle Boy Grows Up is available in hardcover for $18.67 at

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A Grown Miracle


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