Sail Away

Reprinted from PN October 2012

PVA member Scott Goetchius spins inspiring story in Salt.

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The search for freedom and independence on the high seas is the subject of the first novel from Paralyzed Veterans of America member Scott Goetchius.

Salt is the story of Mitchell Burns, who as a young man was paralyzed by an explosion aboard a ship. Having lost his independence, his home and the love of his life, Burns decides to head back out into the rugged Atlantic Ocean.

He hopes an old blue water sloop will return the freedom that has eluded him for 20 years. Burns believes life will begin again if he can sail from Connecticut to Portland, Maine.

Goetchius says he wrote Salt to inspire others like himself who have been referred to as, “cripples, gimps, quads, handicapped, and severely disabled.” He believes the book shows they are men and women capable of making their own decisions and managing their own lives.

Salt is available as an e-book for $8.99 or paperback for $15.99 at


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Sail Away


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