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Reprinted from PN October 2012

MV1 vehicles join MetroAccess service.

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The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has 16 new wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Visitors in Washington, DC, needing a wheelchair-accessible taxi have a new option.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority now has 16 new MV1 vehicles being piloted for MetroAccess service. The MV1 (Mobility Vehicle 1) is the first and only vehicle designed from the ground up for wheelchair accessibility.

Specifically designed for paratransit service providers, the MV1 includes advanced safety features, a smoother, quieter ride, and a design that maximizes space and convenience. Users will also have shorter boarding times as a result of the MV1 ramp design, which allows customers to board without the use of a lift.

MetroAccess began using MV1 vehicles this summer. The vehicles are dispatched based on operational needs throughout the region.

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