Bus Ramp Study

Reprinted from PN October 2012

The University of Louisville is studying factors that contribute to ramp-related incidents.

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If you’ve ever had trouble boarding a public bus using a wheelchair ramp, the University of Louisville wants to hear from you.

The university is conducting a survey to identify factors that contribute to ramp-related incidents and injuries when entering or exiting a public transit bus using a wheelchair ramp.

The study is looking for wheelchair users age 18 or older who have had an accident on a public bus ramp within the last three years. Family members or personal caregivers of someone injured may also take the 15–25 minute survey.

The information will be used to describe ramp and/or vehicle features/components that contribute to ramp-related incidents. The goal is to use that data to develop ramp design guidelines that improve the accessibility, usability and safety of vehicle wheelchair ramps.

For more information or to take the survey, visit


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Bus Ramp Study


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