San Diego Access

Reprinted from PN October 2012

Information in brochure or online will help wheelchair users visiting San Diego.

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Wheelchair visitors to San Diego can find all the information they need to make their visit easy in a brochure or online.

The Access in San Diego Guide was created by the nonprofit Accessible San Diego organization. The group has been providing access information for seniors, travelers, and veterans with disabilities for 25 years.

Getting around in San Diego is easier thanks to the nonprofit organization Accessible San Diego.

Accessible San Diego is focused on establishing a user-friendly, barrier-free environment throughout San Diego County with an emphasis on transportation, lodging, and entertainment.

They work directly with local tourism partners including accessible transportation providers, accessible tour operators, hotels and restaurants, museums, and cultural and theme parks. Their services include referrals to accessible accommodations, tours and transportation, American Sign Language interpreters and more.

The printed (40 pages) and online versions of the guide provide a wealth of information for wheelchair travelers. Detailed listings for accessible transportation (public and private), medical centers, home care providers, public restrooms, veteran information, medical equipment, and other services can all be found in the guide.

In addition to the basic information, Accessible San Diego also provides in-depth information for  the area’s most popular attractions, including the world-famous San Diego Zoo, beaches, USS Midway Museum, and Balboa Park. The detailed listings include symbols to indicate:

-          Enhanced physical access

-          Braille signage

-          Lift shuttles and tour vehicles

-          Assisted living equipment


For more information, call 619-325-7550 or visit


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San Diego Access


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