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Reprinted from PN August 2012

Campaign for Disability Employment contest has three winners.

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Three winners have been selected in the Campaign for Disability Employment’s (CDE) “What can YOU do?” video contest.

The nationwide contest challenged filmmakers to produce disability employment awareness videos. The videos are to reflect the diversity of skills people with disabilities offer, challenge common misconceptions about disability employment and reinforce CDE’s core message that, at work, it’s what people “can” do that matters.

The three "What Can YOU Do?" winners are posted on

In the employer category, Adam Dylewski of Washington, D.C., and the Chemists with Disabilities Committee of the American Chemical Society (ACS) were recognized for their video, Chemists with Disabilities: We All Can.

The video, which features chemists with disabilities sharing the value and talent they bring to their industry, demonstrates ACS’s leadership on the issue of disability employment and the benefits of fostering a work culture welcoming the talents of all individuals, including workers with disabilities.

The youth category winner is Jake Johnson of Clarence, N.Y., for his video What WILL You Do? The video illustrates the importance of developing and reaching goals and believing in oneself.

In the general public category, the honor goes to Dylan Johanson of Rosendale, N.Y., for his video Challenge Your Assumptions. The video shares the true story of Margaret, a school cafeteria employee who helped a child who was choking, potentially saving her life. Margaret is a hard-working and valued employee who has a disability.

Winning videos will support the campaign’s national effort to increase the employment of people with disabilities.

Everyone is asked to view the videos and vote for their two favorite runner-up videos. Two will receive $250, courtesy of the U.S. Business Leadership Network, a CDE founding partner.

To see the videos and for more information, visit


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Video Winners


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