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Reprinted from PN August 2012

Improved voice searches on computers and smartphones is in development.

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An Indiana startup company may offer some hope for people having trouble talking with their smartphone or computer.

Waveform Communication is developing an algorithm that may improve voice searches on computers and smartphones. This may help people who wear hearing aids make a better distinction between similar sounding words, and has other applications.

The Waveform Model   is reportedly the first model that has demonstrated vowel perception at human performance levels. Beyond this, the Waveform Model also explains vowel production and perceptual errors.

Company CEO Michael A. Stokes says some speech-recognition technology only has a 90% accuracy rate. The Waveform Model is said to have 99.2% accuracy and can be used by multiple speakers without special training. The algorithm can be incorporated into electronic devices, and the company looks to develop a phone application within a year.

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