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Reprinted from PN August 2012

In addition to recognizing the value of equal access in all areas of life, The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will protect disabled Americans who work and travel abroad.

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An international treaty that can help protect disabled Americans overseas is getting rare bipartisan support from seven U.S. senators.

John McCain (R–Ariz.) and Dick Durbin (D–Ill.) are among the senators urging ratification of The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The treaty recognizes the fundamental values of non-discrimination and equal access for people with disabilities in all areas of life. It will also help protect from discrimination Americans with disabilities who work and travel abroad, including disabled veterans.

An American delegation under President George W. Bush negotiated and approved the convention in 2006. President Obama signed the treaty in 2009 and submitted it to the U.S. Senate in May for its advice and consent for ratification. The treaty requires no changes to U.S. laws or new appropriations.

The other senators who have announced their support of the CRPD are Jerry Moran (R–Kan.), Tom Harkin (D–Iowa), John Barasso (R–Wy.), Chris Coons (D–Del.), and Tom Udall (D–N.M.).

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