Wheelchair Billiards Offers Even Play Level

Reprinted from PN August 2012

Despite a low finish in the Sunshine State 9-Ball Classic, Charles Interrante enjoys the challenge of wheelchair billiards.

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A spinal-cord injury as a teenager led to Charles Interrante’s interest in billards, and he is now a regular at PVA/NWPA Billiards Tournament Series events.

“In 1983, as an energetic and impulsive 15-year-old, I decided to do a back flip off a barn fence,” Interrante recalls. “I had done this many times before, but this time the top board broke, causing me to land on the back of my neck. I was taken to Hershey (Pa.) Medical Center and treated for a C5–6 spinal-cord injury.”

Charles Interrante has had a long-time interest in billiards.

Interrante started playing billiards in college because it was an activity he could join in with his friends.

“Billiards is one sport wheelchair users can compete in on an even level against standing players,” Interrante says. “There is little difference other than height and reach.”

Interrante says the challenge of billiards, whether players are standing or seated, is a talent for the sport, mental strength, and the amount of time devoted to the game.

When not on the road or playing billiards, Interrante enjoys wheelchair rugby and cue-stick repair and manufacturing. He has compiled much information about commercially available products to assist disabled players and is happy to share it (

Interrante came in 11th at May’s 2nd Annual Sunshine State 9-Ball Classic in Palm Harbor, Fla.

In the Main Event, English player Danny Luton came back after middle round match loss to American Dan Hall to earn a spot in the championship match against local favorite Ken Miller.

Luton won the match after Miller scratched on the 6 ball in the final game. This foul gave Luton cue ball-in-hand with just four balls remaining, and he made easy work of it to close out the match and win the title. Hall took third place.

In the Second Flight, England’s Mick Langley defeated American Jimmy Poe for the title. John Johnston was third.

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Wheelchair Billiards Offers Even Play Level


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