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Reprinted from PN August 2012

Documentary focuses on adaptive sports.

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The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising is a short documentary narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller. A Make a Hero production in association with Adaptive Adventures, the film is designed to increase awareness, participation, and opportunity in adaptive sports across the country.

It focuses on five athletes with disabilities who regained a sense of freedom through skiing: Rick Finkelstein, a Hollywood executive paralyzed from the waist down after a skiing accident; Chris Waddell, holder of more than 20 Paralympic and World Cup medals and the first paraplegic to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; Mike May, world-record holder for speed skiing by a blind person; Jim Martinson, a U.S. Ski Team Paralympic gold medalist and first wheelchair winner of the Boston Marathon; and Traci Taylor, a March of Dimes poster child.

Limited screenings are scheduled. The trailer is available at or


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Two Thumbs Up


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