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Reprinted from PN June 2012

People with disabilities have new online resource for daily living products.

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Wheelchair users looking for products to help them be a bit more independent in the bathroom have a new place to shop for those items online.

United Disabilities Services (UDS) launched its online store at earlier this year. The site features a variety of bathroom accessibility products.

The UDS store is an extension of the Pennsylvania-based nonprofit group’s programs and services that help people with disabilities, including veterans and individuals who are elderly, enjoy safer, happier and more independent lives in their own homes.

Individuals, caregivers and remodeling contractors can access detailed information, get expert advice and purchase products such as home modification showers, grab bars, shower seats and more.

The site currently features accessibility products that can be ordered by individuals or contractors for their own installation. UDS Accessible Home Modifications reportedly can provide consultation anywhere in the United States and offers installation service in Lancaster, Pa., and surrounding counties in south central Pennsylvania. 

A live chat feature and informational resources encourage visitors to get expert advice from the organization’s team of professionals.

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