Faster VA Claims

Reprinted from PN June 2012

New forms expected to help speed the VA claims process.

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A large batch of new forms is expected to help the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) speed up the processing of veterans’ disability compensation and pension claims.

VA released 68 new disability benefits questionnaires (DBQ) earlier this year. The additions bring to 71 the number of DBQ that guide physicians’ reports of medical findings, ensuring VA has exactly the medical information needed to make a prompt decision.

When needed to decide a disability claim for compensation or pension benefits, VA gives veterans free medical examinations for the purpose of gathering the necessary medical evidence. 

Vets who choose to have their private physicians complete the medical examination can now give them the same form a VA provider would use. It is very important that physicians provide complete responses to all questions on the DBQ.  

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Faster VA Claims


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