A Fall and Rise

Reprinted from PN June 2012

Rugby player Matt Hampson struggles to adjust to life after spinal-cord injury.

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“Engage!” was the last word Matt Hampson heard before dislocating his neck while in rugby training with other young hopefuls from England.

The cream of the young English rugby crop had gathered on a cold, gray day in 2005. Hampson’s skill and dedication had brought him to the brink of realizing his dream of playing professionally.

But as the two sets of forwards engaged on the training field, the scrum collapsed and Hampson took the full force of two opposing sides. In that moment, his life changed forever.

During Hampson’s recuperation, Paul Kimmage visited him and wrote an award-winning article about him. They struck up a friendship that led to Engage—The Fall and Rise of Matt Hampson, in which Kimmage tells Hampson’s whole story in detail, from the build-up to the dreadful day to recuperation and the struggle to adjust to life.

Engage—The Fall and Rise of Matt Hampson is available in hardcover (288 pages) and for Kindle at


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A Fall and Rise


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