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Reprinted from PN June 2012

Paralyzed Veterans of America is part of a group working to make Washington, D.C., cabs more accessible to wheelchair users.

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The Accessible Taxi Cab Coalition is pressuring the DC City Council to pass a combined proposal requiring a greater percentage of taxicabs to be wheelchair accessible.

Currently, only 20 of about 6,500 taxis in the district are wheelchair accessible. Substantially increasing the number is among several measures in the proposal that would overhaul the district’s unique taxi system.

“Within 12 months of the effective date of this act, 10% of a company’s vehicles […] shall operate CNG (compressed natural gas) taxicab vehicles that must be WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicles) and ADA compliant,” according to the proposal.

The proposed measure calls for 55% of taxicabs to be wheelchair accessible within five years, toward the goal of reaching 100% accessibility.

PVA does not take a position on how cab drivers will be licensed or what fuel they use but strongly supports a significant increase in the number of wheelchair-accessible taxicabs.

In a statement before a DC City Council committee, PVA National Legislation Program Director Carl Blake called the current situation legal discrimination “against a high number of residents, workers, and visitors to D.C.”

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