Labor of Love

Reprinted from PN June 2009

What started out as a 1972 Super Beetle and a 1958 Harley became a beautiful machine.

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My blessing is the friendship of Russell Miller, who dedicated 300–400 hours and ten months of his time to create my beautiful machine from a 1972 Super Beetle and a 1958 Harley frame.

Miller collected parts from swap meets, e-Bay, and various Harley and Volkswagen shops in the area. He spent a lot of time tacking on parts and reworking pieces to make everything fit just right. Thanks to him, I’m once again riding.

In 1976, I broke my back at T12–L1 after being hit by a drunk driver while riding my Harley. Fortunately, my injury was incomplete, and I could walk with below-knee AFOs and crutches.

Then, I was crossing the street when I got hit by a kid looking down for his cell phone. My legs were broken in 24 places. In nine operations, the doctors put me back together.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. After about 21⁄2 years, Russell helped me get out and back in the wind.

I’m a member of the San Diego Gospel Riders Chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association and ride with my friends. I hope my story gives you the blessing to realize “life ain’t over.”

Contributor: Tim Jones. Excerpted with permission from the Cal-Diego PVA Beachcomber, March 2009.

Contact: info@caldiego


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Labor of Love


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