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Reprinted from PN January 2012

Romantic tale focuses on dancer's life after disability.

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A new movie is putting a spotlight on the strength of the human spirit, love, and compassion in the face of life’s adversities.

Musical Chairs is a romantic tale of two New Yorkers, Armando Ortiz from the Bronx and Mia Franklin from the Upper East Side, who come together through their love of ballroom dancing.

Mia and Armando meet at a midtown Manhattan dance studio where Mia is an instructor and Armando is a part-time handyman who exchanges his janitorial duties for dance lessons.

Before their relationship has a chance to grow, an accident changes Mia’s life forever.

At the rehab center where Mia is undergoing therapy, she is joined by a group of colorful misfits who are also trying to deal with life in a wheelchair.

Armando convinces Mia and the rehab residents to enter a “Wheelchair Ballroom Dance Competition.” After initial skepticism and some hilarious attempts, they begin to seriously rehearse for the upcoming event.

Musical Chairs features able-bodied and disabled actors and dancers and is due in theaters this March.

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