Expanded Disability Awards

Reprinted from PN January 2012

Speakers and two new awards scheduled for spring disability conference.

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The Sixth Annual Disability Matters Awards Banquet and Conference will literally be bigger and better than ever.

Springboard Consulting LLC announced the event has been expanded to two days thanks to host Prudential. The conference is set for April 18–19, 2012, at Prudential Financial’s headquarters in Newark, N.J.

The 2012 event will include a special session on current U.S. legislation and another on veterans issues and opportunities.  The awards banquet at the nationally acclaimed New Jersey Performing Arts Center will include keynote speakers U.S. EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum and John Crowley. 

Crowley is best known as the founder of several biotech companies devoted to curing genetic diseases and as the subject of the book The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million—And Bucked the Medical Establishment—In a Quest to Save His Children and the movie, Extraordinary Measures.

Two new award categories have also been added:

 - Disability Champion—recognizing a corporate executive, manager or associate whose advocacy, commitment and action in support of mainstreaming disability in their work force, workplace and/or marketplace has greatly contributed to their organization’s success

- Employer of Choice—in consideration of companies that have taken their prior Disability Matters award-winning initiatives to a level providing complete synergy between mission and achievement

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Expanded Disability Awards


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