PVA Racing Team

Reprinted from PN January 2012

Fitness and Wellness program promoted through handcycling and other high-energy sports.

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The Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Fitness and Wellness program’s goal is to get more paralyzed veterans and others with disabilities out in recreational activities such as wheelchair racing, kayaking and other high-energy sports. PVA had been providing wheelchair basketball, softball, quad rugby and other traditional sports for many years but it was time to venture into other heart-rate-raising opportunities.

The PVA Racing Team, which consists of paralyzed veterans and other veterans with disabilities, competes at cycling and marathon events around the country. The team focuses on races such as those on the U.S. Handcycling Racing Series; cycling races that help veterans get into the pipeline to excel.

The Fitness and Wellness Program also works with PVA chapters, VA hospitals, and others in setting up adapted cycling programs in their areas. In addition, program staff assist in providing one-day handcycling clinics to clinicians and participants all over the country (see Calendar, p. 59).

Contact: PVA Sports, 800-424-8200 /  


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PVA Racing Team


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