Another Win

Reprinted from PN January 2012

Familiar faces sweep the titles at the Arizona PVA Trapshoot.

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The Cal-Diego PVA trap team delivered another clean sweep at the Arizona PVA Trapshoot, held November 4–6, 2011, at the Ben Avery Shooting Range, near Phoenix.

Breaking 280 of 300 clay targets, Doug Vann added one more High Overall award to his vast collection. His Cal-Diego teammate, Keith Rheinhardt, took High Wheelchair with 261. Their five-man squad—whose other members are Mike Gureckas, Jim Russell, and Bill Palmer—came in first in the Team category. This second event on the 16th PVA National Trapshoot Circuit was an auspicious beginning for the Californians.

Bill Palmer, a member of the Cal-Diego PVA trap team, says his Arizona scores were not his best but "everyone has a bad day."

Competition consisted of 300 clay targets: on day one, 100 in Singles, from the 16-yard line, and 50 pair of Doubles. Numerous perfect rounds of 25 were recorded. On day two, shooting from Handicap yardage was another story. All participants had trouble hitting their targets.

“They seemed to be going out on a slower rising trajectory than usual,” says Phil Santos, three-time circuit top gun.

“I haven’t had this low a score in years,” says Palmer.

At the year-end shoot in Sioux Falls, S.D.,  last September, Palmer received the 15th circuit’s Chad Crowley Award, given to the PVA member with the highest combined score from four PVA shoots. The award included an engraved trophy, a new shotgun, and a new wheelchair.

A longtime member of the Cal-Diego team, Palmer has been shooting trap for more than 20 years. He has done well using his Beretta 390 and 391 shotguns and, most recently, a Beretta 682 over-and-under. He now also has an SKB, but won’t shoot it in competition until he is more accustomed to it.

Palmer says he prefers shooting an over/under rather than a single barrel like the Beretta 390 and 391.

“I like being able to change chokes for the second shot in Doubles,” he explains.


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Another Win


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