Romantic Rhine & Germany

Reprinted from PN January 2012

An accessible tour includes the romanticism of the Rhine River.

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Many poets, authors, and songwriters have expressed the romanticism of the Rhine River with its majestic medieval castles and the fabled call of the Lorelei.

The Rhine boasts beautiful scenery, vineyards, and some of the quaintest villages in Europe. From the cathedral spires of Cologne to the markets of Mainz, a Flying Wheels Travel group tour can help you discover all that Hamburg and the Rhineland have to offer.

Germany is famous for its public parks and gardens, many of which surround palaces and castles. These parks and gardens have become more accessible in recent years with the addition of accessible restrooms and ramps.

This fully accessible tour is May 28 to June 7. Travelers will enjoy this adventure in accessible mini-buses and have the opportunity to experience sights such as the Hamburg Harbor via accessible ship, famous orchard countryside along the Elbe River, idyllic medieval squares in Munster, the Cologne Cathedral and, of course, all the glorious attractions of the Rhine region.

Is Germany accessible? Yes! All hotel accommodations are accessible with roll-in showers or tubs, depending on your needs. The museums and attractions on this itinerary are accessible, and even though some areas have cobblestone streets, experienced guides will help you navigate through the sites.

Germany is making some great strides in updating restroom facilities and public spaces throughout the country, and your guides will know exactly where these facilities are located.

Flying Wheels Travel designs its tours specifically for wheelchair users, those who have difficulty walking, or individuals who have a chronic illness. Experienced group-travel hosts assist with all arrangements and provide personal support to make this a worry-free vacation.

If you prefer not to travel alone, Flying Wheels can recommend experienced travel companions to assist you or provide a break or give additional support to your caregiver.

The registration deadline for this tour is March 1, 2012. Accessible accommodations are limited.

Contact: / 612-381-1622 /


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Romantic Rhine & Germany


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