Celebrity Stylin'

Reprinted from PN January 2012

A shiny new pickup truck "with all the bells and whistles" can put anyone in the spotlight.

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The push of a remote button enables Kenny Rogers to get in and out of his Dodge pickup truck with ease. The Las Vegas resident installed an under-vehicle lift system on the vehicle, increasing his level of independence.

When Kenny Rogers arrived at the shooting range for last November’s Arizona PVA Trapshoot in Phoenix, he was driving a new vehicle.

No, it wasn’t the singer but Nevada PVA member Kenny Rogers! However, his shiny silver pickup truck makes him feel like a celebrity. The Las Vegas resident was stylin’ in a silver Dodge Ram 2500 (¾ ton) heavy duty mega cab powered by a Hemi.

Rogers has made enhancements to his new mode of transportation. Paraplegic since a skiing accident many years ago, he needs hand controls to drive. An under-vehicle lift (UVL) enables him to wheel into the cab at the touch of a remote button.

“You have to first make sure the doors are unlocked or the lift won’t operate,” Rogers says. He admits he’s still figuring out all the “bells and whistles.” Should a mechanical failure occur, he can operate the lift via a manual crank.

As a competitor on the PVA National Trapshoot Circuit, Rogers now has plenty of storage space for his shooting equipment. A secure box in the truck’s bed near the tailgate has a lock, so his shotgun and other gear are safely stowed.

If anything slides too far back, Rogers uses a long-handled hook to retrieve it. The system works well for him.

One problem Rogers has had is with the fiberglass bed cover (tonnau). It’s too high for him to unlock it, and he always needs someone to help him. He plans to have an electric solenoid installed to release the cover, so it will pop up high enough and he can open the tailgate himself.

Rogers says it took a couple of months to get the vehicle through the Department of Veterans Affairs, but it was worth the wait.


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Celebrity Stylin'


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