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Reprinted from PN January 2012

The Veterans Job Bank goes beyond basic job-searches. It connects vets' military specialty with civilian skills, and allows companies to ensure their website job postings are "in the bank."

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Veterans looking for work and employers looking to hire them now have an easier way of finding each other.

The Veterans Job Bank located at the National Resource Directory ( was launched in November 2011.

Beyond basic job-search capabilities, the tool allows veterans to enter their military occupation specialty or code to return related civilian skills and associated job listing results. It also allows companies to make sure job postings on their own websites are part of the Veterans Job Bank.

A number of public and private-sector resources are working to train employers on how to “tag” job listings to ensure veterans will be able to identify them. Such commitments include:

- Simply Hired has adopted the job posting schema and has tagged more than 500,000 jobs from veteran-committed employers.

- Monster and are committed to adopting the job posting schema and developing an easy-to-use tagging method to help facilitate the identification of veteran hiring commitments posted on their website.

- Taleo is committed to adopting the job posting schema and providing a Quick Start guide to its more than 5,000 member customers to facilitate tagging of veteran commitment positions. Posted jobs appear on the customer’s websites, Taleo’s candidate market place, and other social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

- Indeed has included military history on résumés to help support employer identification of veteran candidates.

- BranchOut is committed to adopting the job posting schema through a feature that allows companies to state a preference for hiring veterans. These special job posts are highlighted for veteran job seekers so they know which companies are looking for their unique skills.

- Twitter is assisting veterans by making job listings easier to find through TweetMyJobs, which is developing a check box that allows employers posting jobs to indicate if the position is specifically targeted to veterans. TweetMyJobs is also launching a suite of tools, including a special landing page ( for veterans to find and follow these job channels.

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