Happy New Year, Happy Same You!

Reprinted from PN January 2012

Be authentic to who you are deep inside, listen to your heart's whispers, and trust your intuition.

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One more year has come and gone, and we are beginning a brand-new calendar year. Usually, we relate the coming of a new year to questions within ourselves that touch on youthfulness, purpose and goals—How can I achieve most vitality? What is the purpose of my life? What can I do to fulfill the purpose and feel my best self at the same time?

From as long as I can remember, I gave up making resolutions that only left me frustrated and mad at myself and began asking for answers in the new year. Ultimately I narrowed my question down to one: “What can I do this year that will fulfill my purpose in life and allow me to live the best life possible?” 

Be Authentic

With this approach, even after my spinal-cord injury (SCI) 13 days after January 1, I knew somehow it was an answer to my “yearly” question. Every year I received new answers. I decided, then, to repeat the question every month, subsequently, every week, and now...every day! The one answer that kept surfacing regardless of the question was: Be authentic to who you are deep inside, listen to your heart’s whispers and trust your innate intuition.

This has been my quest from age 7, finding my own authenticity, and it only happened after my SCI. Even though I knew the injury was part of an answer to my repeated question, it raised hundreds of other questions inside me, which then led me to a path of mind/body/spirit balance.

If you take a moment of your day (even 15 seconds will do) to ask that question to yourself while sitting quietly and just breathing, you will begin to get hints of that answer, until the whole puzzle comes together.

A Balanced Perspective

Mind/body/spirit balance differs for everyone. If you are already more analytical (left brained), then your quest may be to increase spiritual awareness; if you are very spiritually aware (right brained), you may find a balance in raising your skepticism.

The body, on its own, is made for  decay. So, getting older, experiencing pain in places it was nonexistent, and watching some body parts gravitate south are part of life. With a balanced perspective on mind/spirit, the body will act accordingly. Your perspective of what a perfect body should look like will change.

As a woman who was put in a wheelchair a week after my 30th birthday—the decade of women, some people might say—I was faced with drastic bodily changes that made it very difficult for me to accept the divine order and analytical reason to any of it.

We Are What We Project

My attachment to what a “beautiful” body should look like destroyed my plans for the future of ever feeling desired again. As an avid reader and writer, I began to read memoirs of women of all ages, races, and backgrounds. I found an interesting common factor—all women at one point in their lives feel undesirable and not good enough if they keep injecting societal values into their lives.

One day I realized if I wanted people (especially men) to see me  as desirable and beautiful, I needed to start seeing myself that way, because we are ultimately what we project to the world about ourselves. 

Get Started

So, you might be wondering, “OK, how do I begin to be authentic and live my best life this new year?” I would love to give you a condensed version of more than 3,000 years of speculation, philosophical explanations and assumptions.

I can say that sitting quietly for 20 minutes a day, and then gradually increasing it to 45 minutes a day with the help of Yoga Nidra, was the way I began to see my life from an astronomical point of view—from the outside in. When that perspective was changed, I saw the blessings in every challenge and accepted them gratefully.

Finding the Answers

Meditation does not mean sitting somewhere and chanting “Om” until you get a glimpse of some esoteric world; meditation is different for everyone. Meditating is being present, doing what you love, practicing something that for a moment in space and time do not exist. You have to find out what that is for you.

Whatever it is that you are looking for in the arrival of the new year, you have the answers and the road map to find it inside yourself. Take a few minutes a day for yourself and the answer will surface. No need to change who you are; be true to you and rejoice in the new year’s glory of allowing your authentic self to shine.

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Happy New Year, Happy Same You!


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