Ultimate Adventures

Reprinted from PN June 2011

Wilderness Inquiry offers ultimate adventures for people with disabilities.

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Wilderness Inquiry (WI) is ready to take you on some big excursions this summer. Explore Alaska by sea kayak, tour the Yukon’s Big Salmon River by canoe, or experience the Grand Canyon by raft!

Paddle among Alaska’s towering glaciers in Prince William Sound on June 26–July 3, 2011. This trip costs $1,895.

Remote wilderness and pristine landscapes surround you if you choose to canoe the Big Salmon and Yukon rivers, August 9–20, 2011. The outing offers challenging canoeing, including class II rapids. It’s yours for $1,975.

You might decide to raft in one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon. You will discover the breathtaking beauty of waterfalls and experience the thrill of rapids on the Colorado River. Six guides will help you have the adventure of a lifetime, August 30–September 14, 2011. The fee for this 15-day/14-night trip is $3,695.

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Ultimate Adventures


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