Proposed Medical Scale

Reprinted from PN June 2011

A medical scale has been designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

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The invention of the “Hinneh Power Scale” offers a creative concept for a specially designed medical scale sized appropriately to accommodate a wheelchair. Invention Resource International, of Phoenix, is handling development of this product.

The scale would incorporate a sensor mechanism that would digitally calculate the user’s weight, minus that of the chair. The platform could feature an integrated ramp, enabling users to easily access the scale while remaining seated in their chairs.

The device’s creator, Lawrence Hinneh of Bronx, N.Y., says, “My invention is designed to solve the problem of getting an accurate body weight for wheelchair users. Protecting the comfort, safety, and dignity of these individuals, the Weighing Scale for Power Chair would make it possible to secure the patient’s weight in a manner that is safe and comfortable for provider and patient.”

Contact: / / www.virtual-prototype .com / 800-778-8814.


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Proposed Medical Scale


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