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Reprinted from PN April 2011

National tour schedule for Soldier Ride announced.

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The Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) has released its national tour schedule for Soldier Ride, the premier fund-raising event for WWP programs and initiatives:

-April 9, Jacksonville, Fla.

-April 30, Washington, D.C.

-May 21, Charlotte, N.C.

-June 4, Chicago

-July 22, Long Island, N.Y.

-July 23, Hamptons, N.Y.

-August 27, Boston

-September 17, Seattle

-September 24, Nashville

-October 22, Phoenix

-November 12, San Antonio

In addition to a registration fee, non-warrior cyclists are responsible for raising a minimum of $125 each to support WWP programs and services. Each supporter will receive an official Soldier Ride National Tour T-shirt as well as an invitation to the community picnic immediately following the rides.

Warriors of all ability levels cycle in Soldier Ride on state-of-the-art handcycles, trikes, and bicycles, as well as unmodified road bikes for those not requiring adaptive equipment. WWP provides some equipment and support at no cost to warriors.

Soldier Ride began in 2004 when civilian Chris Carneh completed a coast-to-coast bicycle trip in support of WWP. He rode more than 5,000 miles and raised more than $1 million.

WWP’s mission is to (1) honor and empower wounded warriors by raising awareness and enlisting the public’s aid for the needs of injured servicemembers, (2) help injured servicemen and -women aid each other, and (3) provide programs and services to meet their needs.

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