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New faces, new winners!

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Many new faces were on hand at the 2010 Las Vegas Invitational, held December 2–5, 2010. Participants provided an exciting few days, culminating in even more exciting roll-offs.

A new team from Florida won the doubles, and Davis Celestine and Kevin Poindexter put in a commanding performance against Gary Poole and J.K. Johnston to win the event.

The annual Bob Murdock Up & Down tournament had 26 teams. Two bowlers succeeded in rolling “300” games in the 9 pin No-tap event. The victors were led by Mike Deloach from Colorado.

In the A Division, Danny Hernandez faced four capable opponents and defeated them all as he captured the crown. The B Division had three new bowlers in the finals. Ultimately, Celestine advanced to capture the title in that division. Al Uttecht held on to win the Scratch championship.

Celestine says his wife likes bowling because wheelchairs and contact sports don’t mix!

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