Friendly Skies and Firearms

Reprinted from PN April 2011

When traveling with a firearm, be sure to report any problems.

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Some people have had problems traveling with their firearms to and from trapshoots and hunts. There apparently is no set standard at airports. TSA inspections are different at Dulles, Denver, Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, Tulsa, etc.

According to PVA Advocacy attorney Bob Herman, “Air carriers have the discretion to completely ban firearms from checked baggage. The only place they have no discretion is that they cannot allow firearms as carry-on baggage. If they choose to do so, it has to be in accordance with the rules set forth by TSA. If they need to open a locked case, they must make a ‘reasonable effort’ to find the owner/passenger. So, what does ‘reasonable’ mean? I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder.

“If you can identify the airlines that are inconsistent in the application of their rules, we can send them letters and file a complaint with TSA, although we’ll probably have more success going directly to the air carriers.”



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Friendly Skies and Firearms


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