Reward for Service

Reprinted from PN March 2011

Rings add extra meaning to the 30th National Wheelchair Veterans Games in Denver.

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Lynette Roff (right) receives a 30th National Veterans Wheelchair Games commemorative ring from Mountain States PVA President/National Director Jim Sack and Dr. Donna Blake of the SCI Service.

The 30th National Veterans Wheelchair Games, held in Denver on July 4–9, 2010, drew 583 participants. The Games’ local cohost, Mountain States PVA, gave each athlete a commemorative ring to celebrate the spirit of what the event has meant to everyone through the years.

On November 9, 2010, the PVA chapter and the Department of Veterans Affairs-Eastern Colorado Health Care System (VA-ECHCS) gave VA-ECHCS Director Lynette Roff a commemorative ring as thanks for the outstanding service and support VA-ECHCS displayed preparing for and staging the Games.

Director Roff was one of the event’s most loyal supporters and cheerleaders. Without the dedication shown by VA leadership, according to Mountain States PVA, the Games would cease to exist.

Contact: Mountain States PVA, 303-597-0038.


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Reward for Service


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