Accessibility for All?

Reprinted from PN March 2011

A Florida woman is working to make sure everyone has access to beautiful beaches.

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“I'm disabled—you know the old wheelchair, scooter, and cane thing. Have been that way for about 22 years now,” explains Jane Danielson on “So, writing and traveling seemed to be the right mix. But, guess what? I found not everywhere is accessible!”

Danielson lives in Florida. But she claims the state has no accessible beaches! She says people with mobility impairments usually have to just sit on the sand; they can’t get into the water in most places. Some locations have beach chairs, but Danielson believes these devices are too cumbersome. She envisions accessible restrooms and outdoor showers, and a ramp that turns into a platform in the water.

So, she has set up a nonprofit, Beaches For All, Inc., ( to try to do something about it. Donations are encouraged.

“Let me be very clear about my travel writing,” Danielson continues on her website. “I look at traveling as something that is good for the heart and soul. It’s about experiences and beauty. Attitudes are important, even when accessibility is not ideal. If you have the right attitude and are prepared for your travel you can make it a success!

“Travel is a magnificent eye opener and a wonderful mind expander. It can supply us with a reprieve from dependence, replenish our confidence, and set us free, if not in body then in spirit and soul. It can open our hearts.

“What it boils down to is this: There’s a big old world out there, so let’s go experience it!”

Contact: www.Disabled- / www.Beaches / ableplus@access wave/com / beaches@access / Beaches for All, Inc., 7125 Fruitville Road, #946, Sarasota, FL 34240 / 941-870-4797.


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Accessibility for All?


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