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Reprinted from PN March 2011

Stan Clawson is one of the main forces behind the adaptive sports video Continue.

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Stan Clawson directed and edited the video Continue. With more than ten years of video-production experience and eight with disability, he approached Jeffrey Rosenbluth, MD, in 2000 with his interest in constructing an adaptive sport and recreation video.

After graduating that year with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and video production, Clawson helped form Pipe Dream Productions LLC, a small video-production company. As primary director and editor, he coordinated and directed several commercials and promotional videos.

In 2003, Clawson left Pipe Dream to become supervisor of Campus Video Services at the University of Utah, a position he still holds. He also directs and films special projects for the university and University Hospitals and Clinics.

Eight years ago, Clawson sustained a spinal-cord injury at T9–10 as the result of a rock-climbing accident. After a five-week hospitalization and subsequent outpatient physical therapy, he began participating in adaptive sports. He currently enjoys water-skiing, snow skiing, handcycling, scuba, and other recreational endeavors. He speaks publicly about overcoming challenges and makes ongoing hospital visits to newly injured paras and quads.

In an ongoing attempt to better outreach efforts to local people with dis­abilities, Clawson helped form the Utah Adaptive Recreation Network. He was in charge of assessing the accessibility of Olympic and Paralympic venues for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and for the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.


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