Reprinted from PN March 2011

A green, gas-saving version of the MV-1 six-passenger, factory-built, wheelchair-accessible vehicle is in the works.

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The “Standard Taxi” has been featured at conventions and the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Standard Taxi is now called the MV-1. It is a six-passenger, factory-built, wheelchair-accessible vehicle designed to meet or exceed Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

The MV-1 features a deployable access ramp with a 1,200-pound weight capacity, a 36-inch entryway, and an interior that accommodates a passenger using a wheelchair, a driver, and four other passengers.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Loan Program provided $50 million to The Vehicle Production Group LLC to support development of an MV-1 that uses compressed natural gas (CNG). Currently, the MV-1 is not accessible to someone who drives from a wheelchair, and its ramp is not automatic.

Contact: PVA Government Relations, 800-424-8200.


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