PVA and Ford Are Partners

Reprinted from PN March 2011

Partnership between Ford and PVA helps provide exclusive savings on eligible Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles.

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Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) is enrolled in Ford Motor Company’s X-Plan Partner Recognition Program.

The Ford Motor Company Partner Recognition Program provides exclusive savings on eligible Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles to partner employees, retirees (limited to two personal identification numbers [PINs] per calendar year), and to members of the employee’s household. Any family member, friend, roommate, etc., who lives with the PVA employee can participate as long as his/her valid driver’s license proves household status.

The X-Plan Partner Recognition Program offers PVA members and employees the opportunity to purchase or lease Ford Motor Company vehicles at exclusive prices. Benefits include the following:

- Exclusive pricing. The plan price is established before customers visit the dealership, so they don’t have to negotiate.

- Simplicity. The plan price is clearly marked on the vehicle invoice. The customer simply asks for a copy of the invoice to confirm special pricing.

- Great value. The plan price is at or below dealer invoice price and is available in addition to most other publicly offered programs.

- The X-Plan is available on numerous Ford products.

Visit After logging in, use your company’s unique Partner Code (to obtain the code, contact PVA Membership at 800-424-8200) to:

- Research vehicle specific X-Plan pricing and incentives

- Review the latest vehicle product information

- View the complete Partner Recognition Program process, rules, and helpful FAQs

- Generate PINs for ex­clusive X-Plan vehicle pricing

Contact: PVA Membership, 800-424-8200.


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PVA and Ford Are Partners


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