Wilderness Adventures: Is Sea Kayaking your Passion?

Reprinted from PN June 2010

See the African Wildlife with Wilderness Adventures

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Do you dream about going on a safari in Kenya? You can enjoy these adventures on trips organized by Wilderness Inquiry (WI). Sea kayak beautiful Yellowstone Lake, ringed with geyser basins and framed by the Absaroka Mountains. Paddle down the Southeast and Flat Mountain arms of Yellowstone Lake, and breakout rods and reels because cutthroat trout abound!

You’ll explore Yellowstone’s Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and other spectacular sites of the world’s first national park.

If you’ve wanted to see African wildlife as viewed on the Discovery Channel, WI offers affordable safaris that are combined with local cultural experiences. You can experience a world you’ve seen only in pictures: grassy steppes, tall mountains, beautiful people, and exotic animals.

For details about these and other trips, call 800-728-0719 / 612-676-9400,visit Wilderness Adventures, or e-mail them.


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Wilderness Adventures: Is Sea Kayaking your Passion?


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