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Reprinted from PN January 2010

Freedom Shores in southeast Mexico is working hard to make the beach resort a universal-designed vacation destination

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Nestled in southeast Mexico is a beach resort club that focuses on creating a personalized vacationing experience that meets individual needs. This tropical getaway is located on the historic Yucatan Peninsula, surrounded by the tranquil blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where a great Mayan culture once flourished among dense tropical jungle.

Located in Isla Aguada, Campeche, Mexico, Freedom Shores is an intimate, full-service beach resort on 2.2 acres. It features nine furnished rooms that are universally designed with reportedly “breathtaking” ocean or garden views. The resort is small and personal, and each hotel room is only a few seconds from the restaurant, palapa [palm-thatched umbrellas], and the tropical beach.

Freedom Shores opened on March 17, 2007, but its staff continues to work hard to make it a universal-design vacation destination. Owner William (Bill) Bussear likes to oversee all the details, and for several weeks he was unable to due to hospitalization in Long Beach, Calif., for a decubitus ulcer. This was difficult for him, because working on Freedom Shores is almost an addiction for Bussear, who sustained C5–6 quadriplegia in a diving accident while he was in the U.S. Marine Corps, on Lanai, Hawaii.

“We have been dealing with the Mexican government for almost two years trying to get a permit to put in a dock for the boat,” says Bussear. “It is very frustrating when dealing with a bureaucracy as large as the Mexican government. Some people say I should just put the dock in, as most of the others don’t have permits. But last year the owner of one of the docks was fined 60,000 pesos and had to remove the dock. I want to do everything legally.

“Three of us in wheelchairs will be able to wheel down the sidewalk, across the beach on a Mobi-Mat, onto the dock, and then directly onto the boat. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one!”

Another goal is to buy a 150 KVA transformer, which will reduce the resort’s electricity bill by about 50%.

“Electricity here in the Yucatan is extremely expensive,” Bussear says. “Our bill averages about $1,000 per month.”

All-inclusive rates start at $117 per day for one person, $147 for two people, $177 for three, and $207 for four.

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