“Future Chair” Unveiled

Reprinted from PN January 2010

Dynamic Controls’ iChair connects users’ iPhones or iPod touch to a wheelchair system via Bluetooth® in order to display information in real time.

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Dynamic Controls has announced its iChair solution for connecting users’ iPhone or iPod touch to a wheelchair system via Bluetooth® in order to display information in real time as well as compass heading and speed in kph or mph. A cradle is available to mount the iPhone or iPod touch onto the chair.

“We recognized the iPhone has revolutionized the way people communicate and saw the opportunity to develop this solution for wheelchair users,” says Charlotte Walshe, Dynamic Controls CEO. “We’ve taken full advantage of Apple’s ‘Works with iPod / Made for iPhone’ developer program to bring people the extraordinary iChair.”

Lee Kwok, a wheelchair user in Christchurch, New Zealand, says it will be fantastic to be able to buy an off-the-shelf product that has so many features for power-chair users.

“Having access to mainstream technology via a wheelchair is a huge advantage,” Kwok says.

Other benefits of the iChair solution reportedly include the incorporation of an on-chair charger and a “chair doctor” diagnostics feature that interprets any problems with the chair.

Connectivity features are said to include displaying the status of wheelchair to PC mouse control, IR appliance control, on-chair connected devices, and direct access to the Dynamic Controls Web site with content of interest to wheelchair users.

Dynamic Controls unveiled its new iChair in Germany at REHACARE, the trade fair for people with special needs. The iChair solution is scheduled to roll off Dynamic Controls’ production line early this year and is expected to be available in April 2010. It operates with iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPod touch V2.0 and 3.0. It is said to fit any new or existing Dynamic Controls DX2, DX, or Shark wheelchair control systems without reprogramming the chair.

Go to iChair to view the product. The site also contains a downloadable brochure.

Contact: Charlotte Walshe, CEO, Dynamic Controls.


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“Future Chair” Unveiled


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