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Julia Hollenbeck
Reprinted from PN February 2002
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Olympic Torchbearers

Two directors of Wheel Me On have been nominated to carry the Salt Lake City Olympic torch. Director of Education Larry Hughes is a former Paralympic gold medalist in discus, and Julia Hollenbeck is Wheel Me On's founder, president, and CEO.

Larry Hughes

Contact: Wheel Me On, (931) 551-9204 / 553-0591 (fax) / ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bass-trail Changes

Several changes to the 2002 PVA National Bass Trail—a BASS Sanctioned Event—will take place as the event continues to grow and expand.

For disabled anglers in the Open competition, all 2002 Bass Trail Tournaments will open for entries exactly two months before the tournament date and close exactly one month before the date (please note dates on the forms). Entries will not be accepted before or after those deadlines.

Bank competition and able-bodied boat partner entries may be submitted at any time.

Also, any contestant who fishes more than one event, and anglers who want their points to count toward the year-end total, must be BASS members before competing for that event's points to count. Sign up online at and click on the PVA Trail Web site, go to, or call (334) 409-5329.

This membership requirement is a PVA National Bass Trail rule, not BASS's. For 2002, PVA does not require you belong to your state BASS Federation, only to BASS. This is part of the Trail's mission to "vertically integrate" into the able-bodied world of bass fishing.

Contact: Robert Cartlidge, / ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Golf Forum

Leaders from the golf industry and representatives of organizations serving people and golfers with disabilities met in summer 2001 to form the National Alliance for Accessible Golf.

The organization will include agencies, institutions, corporations, and individuals committed to including golfers with disabilities into the game. The alliance's mission is to increase participation of people with disabilities in golf.

Indiana University (Bloomington), the University of Utah (Salt Lake City), and Clemson University (Clemson, S.C.) entered into a memorandum of understanding to provide administrative support to the alliance, which will be located at the National Center on Accessibility on the IU-Bloomington campus.

The alliance's purpose is to develop solutions to critical issues relative to making golf accessible. Goals to achieve this for people with disabilities include:

— Increase their understanding of the benefits of golf
— Increase the golf industry's awareness of the benefit of serving this group
— Advance models and resources to learn golf
— Increase awareness of this group's needs among golf-course owners and operators, teaching professionals, and related personnel
— Advance scientific understanding of golf's benefits
— Assist the golf industry in resolving issues related to expanding services
— Assembling and reviewing technical information for golf-course managers, rehab and recreation professionals, and golf pros that leads to improved inclusive services

Contact: or


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