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Reprinted from PN December 2002
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DND Press has launched its Disability Rights Calendar, a central repository for information on disability law and advocacy events held nationwide. This free service enables organizations and professionals to list their conferences, workshops, and seminars in one place for all to view. All organizations, professionals, and other interested parties may submit disability advocacy events for consideration. Once an item is verified and approved, it appears in the calendar. To view the calendar, check out

In the December 2002 PN/Paraplegia News, youll find this information, plus news on:

The UN International Day of Disabled Persons
A National Endowment for the Humanities grant to fund a summer institute that will introduce disability studies into high-school humanities curricula
A grant to study the effects of assistive technology and people with disabilities
An online company specializing in Christmas cards and all-occasion notecards for people with physical disabilities


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