Sled Hockey

Reprinted from PN April 2011

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Sled hockey is a sport designed to allow participants with physical disabilities to play the game of ice hockey. It requires them to sit within a sled that has blades on the frame, which allows the puck to pass underneath. Players use two shortened sticks to push themselves along the ice as well as to pass and shoot the puck.

Sled hockey’s rules are essentially the same as those in regular ice hockey. The only differences are sled hockey’s modifications deemed necessary for the safety of the athletes and their equipment.

Sled hockey has been a lifesaver for me and my family. I have only been in a chair for four years, and this (life) is still new. Since the day I became paraplegic, I have been looking for what I can still do, and sled hockey was the answer. I have been playing for a year now and can’t wait until my son can come out on the ice and play with his old man. It will be one of the things I can do with him and my wife.

The team has become an extension of my family, and we can share our experiences with our individual challenges to make us all that much better.


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Sled Hockey


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