New Research Center

Reprinted from PN March 2011

New research center in Rhode Island is dedication to rehabilitation research for veterans.

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A Research Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine has been dedicated on the campus of the Providence VA Medical Center in Rhode Island. A collaboration of the Providence center, Brown University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the 23,850-square-foot facility is dedicated to rehabilitation research for veterans.

The center facilitates and encourages collaboration on projects such as the DEKA Arm and BrainGate, and includes research programs involving neurotechnology, prosthetics, skeletal biology, regenerative medicine, and advanced rehabilitation techniques. With approximately $6 million in construction funds from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the facility also contains offices, conference rooms, a rehabilitation gym, and a Gait and Motion Analysis Lab. In addition, the Center on Systems, Outcomes, and Quality in Chronic Disease and Rehabilitation, which focuses on improving systems and quality of care for vulnerable veteran populations, is located within the building.


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New Research Center


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