Hats in the Ring

Reprinted from PN July 2009

Candidates for PVA national offices look for long-range successes, not short-term fixes. How do they plan to make a difference?

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As you might expect, the phrase "throw my hat in the ring" reportedly comes from the boxing ring. In the early nineteenth century, when the sport was quite popular, someone who wished to challenge a boxer would throw his hat into the ring. This action was probably needed because of the crowds and noise at such events; you'd be missed if you simply tried to shout out a challenge or push your way through the crowd and into the ring.

The phrase came to mean "to enter a contest" and then "to enter a political contest." Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt used it in 1912: "My hat's in the ring," he said, meaning he had entered the U.S. presidential race. (From Take Our Word For It, July 17, 2001.)

When they convene in Miami, Fla., in August, the PVA Board of Directors will elect the organization's leaders for the 2009-2010 term. By this issue's deadline, the following individuals had declared "my hat's in the ring" for PVA national offices.

Gene Crayton
Craig Enenbach
Rick Glotfelty

Senior Vice President:
Bill Lawson

Vice President:
John T. Jackson
Albert F. Kovach Jr.

Frank J. Rigo

Read their candidacy statements in the July PN.


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Hats in the Ring


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