Caregiver Connection:
Helpful Telephone Tips and Techniques

Reprinted from PN March 2003
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The Internet is the medium of choice when people are researching information or trying to track down products and services. But no matter how much information you find there, sooner or later you?ll probably have to pick up a telephone to find answers to your specific questions. Whether calling government agencies, doctors? offices, or insurance companies, more likely than not somewhere along the way you will have a frustrating experience. In her March 2003 PN/Paraplegia News column, Suzanne Mintz offers some ?tricks of the trade? used by people who do telephone research on a regular basis and those who provide telephone support, including The Big 3:

? Be prepared.
? Don?t give up.
? Try not to put people on the spot.

There is more than one way to get information and assistance or resolve a problem. It isn?t always easy, and there are no guarantees, but if you follow at least some of the advice found in this article, you may increase your odds.


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Caregiver Connection:
Helpful Telephone Tips and Techniques


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