A Key to Independence

Reprinted from PN March 2003

Don't take your wheelchair for granted. In many parts of the world, they are hard to get. People don't have the financial resourcesor organizations to help them. In the U.S., people have a wide variety of chairs from which to choose. Some are even lucky enough to own more than one. Specialty chairs are becoming the norm, but for basic activities of daily living, a good everyday chair can be the key to self-reliance and dignity.

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The March 2003 PN/Paraplegia News features a special section on everyday wheelchairs.

Included are:
...Jason Swensen's article, "Mobility—A Fundamental Need," describing a partnership between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Wheelchair Foundation that provides wheelchairs to tens of thousands of needy people across the globe.
...Marty Ball?s article, "Daily Double," discussing the benefits of owning a second everyday chair.
...An update by Rory and Rosemarie Cooper, entitled "Time to Mobilize!," that lists the three most exciting recent developments in ultralight manual wheelchairs.
...A listing of manufacturers who responded to our request for information about their "Lightweight Chairs for Every Day." Companies (and models) represented are:

Colours'N Motion
(Zephyr everyday)

Invacare Top End
(Terminator Titanium)

Mobility Vision

New Hall's Wheels
(Hallmark custom everyday)

RGK Wheelchairs
(Active Living—Hi-Lite)

Sunrise Medical
(Everyday Titanium)

TiLite (Evo)

For a more detailed look at all types of lightweight chairs, click here.


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A Key to Independence


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