Hooray for Hollywood?

Reprinted from PN March 2003

March is Academy Awards time. What's Tinsel Town's "take" on disabilities and the actors who portrayor havethem?

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Actor/musician Robert David Hall has found steady work as the coroner in CBS TVs series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and has been on other shows. Due to leg amputations, he often uses a wheelchair. Actor/dancer/model Joy Mincey Powell.
Richard Redlin, who produces and writes as well as acts, is a wheelchair user from southern California. He has guest starred on NBCs Nash Bridges and Mad About You.

Two nominees for last year's best picture Oscar—A Beautiful Mind and I Am Sam—depict the lives of people with disabilities. These films showed people with disabilities doing things most of the nondisabled world often views as unobtainable for this population: achievements such as living independently, having friends, making decisions, holding down a job, paying bills, experiencing love, and taking responsibility. In the March 2003 PN/Paraplegia News, learn what strides the film and television industries are—and aren't—taking toward improving their attitudes about disability and getting more people with disabilities working on both sides of the camera. Also take a look at some of the talented artists with disabilities represented by Gail Williamson, coordinator of Media Access Office Talent and Industry Relations in Hollywood.


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Hooray for Hollywood?


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