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Reprinted from PN July 2008

Following a forward-looking trend, the PVA Education Foundation awards new grants worth $468,071.

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At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Phil Klebine, MA, is spearheading a national awareness campaign about tobacco use and the secondary complications of spinal-cord injury/disease. He is one of the recipients of this year's PVA Education Foundation grants.
Over the last decade Web-based teaching programs have become increasingly popular. This is based on a variety of factors. They can be activated according to the user's schedule and convenience; reach people in rural areas, nationwide, and even worldwide; and are cost-effective. In addition, individuals can work at their own pace. Web-based teaching may be particularly helpful to wheelchair users as a source of ongoing instruction once they are out of rehabilitation.

The PVA Education Foundation is following this forward-looking trend. The foundation recently announced its 2008 grant awardees: Nine projects received a total of $468,071. Many of these have a computer-based component and/or their dissemination will be enhanced by posting on the Internet.

About the Foundation

In the last seven years, the PVA Education Foundation has shown remarkably robust growth. In 2001, it awarded $169,356 for six grants; in 2008, $468,071 for nine grants. Growth has been fueled by increased funding from the parent organization, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and generous donations from the public. For more information about the foundation, go to the Web site

Read more about the recipients of this year's grants.


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Projects for Real Life


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