Modest—But Meaningful

Reprinted from PN March 2008

As the 2008-2009 PVA Scholarship Program competition gets underway, here is the story of two brothers and how PVA scholarships assisted them. Although this funding is relatively modest, it definitely can make a difference.

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Jordan Hartmann is now applying his engineering skills on the job at Sauer-Danfoss in Minnesota.
"To see how much you have been blessed, sometimes you have to look backward" is a profound statement from a recent young college graduate, Alex Hartmann. He and his brother Jordan are not average college graduates. They are driven young men who have set their sights high and worked hard to accomplish their individual goals. The brothers received PVA scholarships, Jordan in 2002 and Alex in 2004 and 2005.

Their parents, PVA Mountain States chapter member Paul Hartmann and his wife Renee, are extremely proud of their boys—and with good reason. When Jordan and Alex were in the third and second grades, respectively, their father sustained a paralyzing spinal-cord injury. While Paul was working on their property, their rented tractor's brakes failed, causing the vehicle to throw him off; it then rolled over him.

After a 25-day stay in ICU, Paul put himself on the road to recovery with the help and support of his family. According to Paul the boys learned a valuable lesson during this difficult time that has served them well through their lives: If presented with a great challenge, you have to respond with great effort.

The Hartmanns instilled in their sons from a young age the importance of education and hard work. The boys always have been hands-on with their learning and have taken part in many activities such as piano, foreign languages, wood working, cooking, and especially reading.

Paul and Renee believe this strong foundation was gained, in part, from the boys' attendance at the Maranatha Christian Center, which strongly emphasizes reading and math skills. Later in life this basis served the boys well—they achieved perfect ACT reading comprehension scores on their college entrance exams.

Read more about Jordan and Alex, both graduates of the University of Minnesota, as well as the assistance provided to them by the PVA Scholarship Program.


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Modest—But Meaningful


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