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Reprinted from PN December 2007

Monetary awards help post-secondary students reach their education goals.

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"My overall objective is to graduate from college and medical school with distinguished academic records," says Brian Gavin. "This fall I am attending the University of MissouriColumbia and pursuing a chemistry major while simultaneously completing requirements for premedicine. This [funding] would allow me to attend medical school following graduation."

Gavin is one of 14 PVA Educational Scholarship recipients (12 full-time [$1,000] and 2 part-time [$500]) for this academic year. He is the son of Gateway PVA member Gregory Gavin.

The Program

The Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) founded the PVA Educational Scholarship Program in 1996 and since that time has awarded more than $305,000. The program was devised to provide some financial reprieve so PVA members and their families can achieve their goals in the academic arena. The result of this competitive process is a monetary award to assist them in reaching their post-secondary educational goals.

Full- and part-time scholarships were available for the 20072008 school year. Thanks to a donation from a generous PVA member, the committee was able to fund an additional $1,000 scholarship.

The article looks at the recipients of the scholarships.


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