Designs for Employment

Reprinted from PN October 2007

When it comes to meeting the needs of veterans with SCI, PVA's new employment counseling center provides the missing link. Also: How do "employment supports" help build a strong, skilled work force?

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Barbara Jackson exercises in the Kinesiotherapy Gym. After 18-24 months of rehabilitation, many veterans are ready to explore employment.
In Equalizing Opportunities, Jennifer Davidson interviews Theresa Boyd, who designed the pilot program for PVA's first Vocational Employment Counseling Center for veterans with spinal-cord injuries. The centerthe first of its kindis the result of a private-public partnership between PVA and Health Net Federal Services, LLC. Photos by Don Spragg, Medical Media, Richmond VAMC.

In Employment Supports—and You, find out how things like transportation, childcare, access to healthcare, technology, and flexible work schedules can mean the difference between working and not working. "Employment supports" are services, benefits, policies, tools, and equipment that make it possible for us to get to work and do our jobs.


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Designs for Employment


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